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Training led by professionals

  •  Overview
  • Craft Skills
  • On-Site Training
  • Tailored Training


Through our network of partners, Divergy is able to offer certified training to your employees. To achieve peak manufacturing performance, you need technologies and processes driven by highly trained employees. Ongoing training is an important component of a strategic approach to maintenance, and constantly improving human and process performance consistently translates into increased job productivity and overall plant profitability. Skilled operators, maintenance personnel, and engineers, who maximize machinery and processes, should increase the availability, rate, and quality of your production environment and boost your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

These classes offer an opportunity to develop core competencies, fundamentals, advanced fundamentals and equipment-specific skills.

Our portfolio of classes offers hands-on labs, workstations, student materials – all taught by experienced instructors with an average of 20 years of experience.

Some class subjects include:

Basic electricity
Motor controls
Analytical measurement
Basic mathematics
And more!

Due to high cost associated with training especially when individuals and employees have to travel oversea. It is often tempting to allow employees to learn through trial and error, but this is also a waste of time and money. A simple solution to such a logistical problem is that we bring the instructor to you and your facility.

This can be typical classroom environment or one-on-one in your own plant floor studying the same equipment that requires support.

You choose…

Flexibility — Shift schedules, Training time frames, Days of the week, Class size
Content — Standard, Tailored, Custom
Location — Your classroom, On the plant floor, Other site


  • Flexible location — at your facility, in your training center, on the plant floor
  • Flexible schedule — any date, time, or shift that works best for your employees
  • Dedicated instructor — emphasizing hands-on, job-related training relevant to your employees’ skill and knowledge needs as well as your requirements
  • Adjustment of training content — based on students’ prerequisite and current skill levels
  • Overall training cost-savings — eliminate expenses incurred with sending employees to off-site training
  • No travel expenses
Our Divergy instructor can help you create automation expertise with one-on-one training. The Personal Trainer is an experienced instructor and technical expert who develops and implements an individualized training plan for one to two individuals on-site at your facility. The Personal Trainer can provide in-depth technical experience or help mentor newly hired employees
In addition, Divergy provides custom on-site training courses to meet your industry, application, and system-level training needs. This offering is available for companies who want to ensure their employees are highly skilled in certain applications or systems, or within certain industries.
If what your people need to maximize performance is a unique training curriculum that meets your specific requirements, Tailored Training is the solution.

Tailored to your business environment

Your business is unique — no one does it like you. Your training should be distinct, as well. Rockwell Automation Tailored Training lets you build a training curriculum that meets your specific requirements. You make the decisions based on your needs for training that’s tailored to your:

  •  Manufacturing technologies
  • Employees’ skill and knowledge requirements
  • Timetable
  • Budget

Choose from our list of Tailored Training database to create:

  • Multiple technology training
  • Introductory or prerequisite courses
  • Refresher courses
  • Software proficiency classes
  • Focused learning

Performance-based training

Every Tailored Training lesson is based upon practical, task-driven objectives, covering specific skill requirements and job tasks associated with each technology.
Professional, certified instructors with years of practical lead every course, real-world experience. Classes can be conducted at your facility, one of our training centers, or off-site. You choose and we shall work with you.